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    ASHRAE Research
    Since 1960, ASHRAE has sponsored research studies at universities and research firms. The
    results of these studies have been used to prepare chapters in the ASHRAE Handbook series;
    as foundational material in special publications; in the formulation of standards; to train
    university students as they prepare for service in the HVAC&R industry; and to spread the
    knowledge gained through presentation at Society Conferences and publication in ASHRAE
    Transactions or conference proceedings.

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2018-2019 RP Goal: $7,613

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The Research Promotion Committee plans and implements programs within the Society to generate funds to support ASHRAE research, YEA, Education (ALI), ASHRAE Foundation, Scholarships, and the General Fund.

RP Brochures

Each brochure below is available for free PDF download.
To request printed copies, please contact the RP Staff at ASHRAE Headquarters.

ASHRAE RP Training: Six Types of Funds

In this short, 4-minute training video, ASHRAE member Chris Gray outlines the six types of Research Promotion (RP) funds, and provides a few tips on how members can engage with donors to increase financial support for the programs that power the industry.