• Welcome to Twin Tiers History Page
    Growing emphasis on preserving the history of our industry culminated in a year-long centennial
    celebration of the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers (ASHVE) in 1994-95.
    The organizational meeting to found ASHVE was held on September 10, 1894 in the meeting hall of
    the ASME building (long since fallen to the wrecking ball).

    On September 10, 1994, a commemorative plaque was unveiled at the site (it is mounted on one of the
    buildings of New York University). We celebrated with a Centennial banquet and ball at the 1995
    Winter meeting in Chicago. At the chapter level, efforts focus on preserving the history of unique
    HVAC systems, local industry pioneers, and the chapter itself. If you know of a local HVAC system
    that has historical significance, please contact me.
    Richard Sanguinito, Chapter Historian, c129his@ashrae.net

Chapter History

The chapter was formed by a steering committee who first met in April of 1977 under the leadership of Bill Albern, who later went on to become our first chapter president. Not surprisingly they met at the Owego Treadway Inn which we still frequent for our meetings today. The plan was to form an ASHRAE chapter to serve the southern tier of central New York and the northern tier of central Pennsylvania. The closest chapters at the time were either in Syracuse or Rochester, thus creating the need for the Twin Tiers chapter.
The committee worked to meet the requirements set by the regional director, who I am told was a strict "by the books" fellow, to become a chapter. It is amazing that what started in April with less than ten ASHRAE members grew into a full fledged chapter in time to start the chapter year in September. The first September meeting was planned as a big dinner event with plenty of publicity, again at the Treadway. The charter was officially handed over by the Society president of ASHRAE. It was then lost, which proves it can and does happen to the best of us, but a duplicate from Society was made.
Congratulations to the current members for keeping the Premier Chapter status alive, and thank you to our original members for breaking away from central New York to create a chapter that has strived for excellence since. I would also like to thank Art Monaco for spilling the beans on the original crew.

Historical Committee

Historical Committee sponsors, encourages and conducts research into the history of heating,
ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; encourages authorship and publication of historical
articles locates, identifies and determines location for display or availability of items of historical
significance; and encourages regional and chapter historians to gather historical information and
artifacts. This committee reports to Publishing and Education Council. Staff liaison is Emily Sigman